Who is Verna?

Verna is not my birth name, but it will do!

Hello! I’m Verna, I am a keen solo-traveller, self-taught amateur cook, and I love to document my life creatively.

I consider myself a “banana” because this refers to my background growing up – yellow on the outside, and white on the inside, as I moved to the UK when I was 9 and have resided here ever since. Though on the outside I am 100% Chinese, my actions and way of thinking are shaped from my childhood growing up in a multicultural city like London.

Also, banana kind of rhymes with Verna. Just a tad.

Once upon a time, I wanted to be an artist because I was good at it, but my Chinese-father said that the World needed more engineers instead. So off I went to study civil engineering because I wanted to save the world (haha yeah that never took off…) before moving on to work at a tech company as engineering was just so boring.

Anyway, the tech culture allowed and encouraged me to spend more time exploring my hobbies and interests outside of work and I began rediscovering my creativities. I started documenting my life through photos and words via Instagram.

I’ve always loved food. From buying groceries, to watching cooking shows, to experimenting at home. It’s just such a fascinating world to me. Through my travels around the world, including hunting down local delicacies, slurping noodles while grazing elbows with locals, and dining at some of the world’s most renowned restaurants, I’ve learned and taught myself via a combination of experience and textbooks.

So here I am, trying to document it all as I travel back to each country through words and photographs, while sat somewhere in London.

These are my personal recollections of things that I vividly remember and love, and I hope that you enjoy them too.

Love, Verna x