July 30, 2020

A Long Weekend in
the Peak District
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The Peak District – a place I never really ever bothered to explore until recently,
thanks to the pandemic.

June 30, 2020

Solo Adventures:
How to Thailand for Two Weeks
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I thought two-weeks would suffice, but I was so wrong. Those two weeks were some of the best travels times I've ever had...

June 30, 2020

Solo Travelling: Why I Genuinely Love It
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Safe to say, those few days in autumnal and pretty Porto was the start of a never-ending hunt for somewhere new to explore...

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Hello, I'm Verna

Based in London, I like to write about my everyday life, most specifically what I get up to in the kitchen and what I see while solo adventuring around the World.



Things I didn't Cook

Did you know that San Sebastian is now one of my favourite European cities. Well, you do now! Why? Because it is a hidden gem …